Align Text To Left And Right In Same Line – Microsoft Word

Microsoft word can notorious when finding a solution for very specific problems, like aligning a block of text to left and right in the same line.

Let me define the problem with an example.

Left aligned text

Right aligned text

The above block of text is written in two separate lines, but we would like part of the text to be aligned left and part of the text aligned right in the same line.

Initially, the problem seems impossible to do, when you think of alignment it always goes with the whole line. There are two ways we can tackle this problem.

  1. Workaround – By using a table
  2. The proper way – By using Tab

Let us start with a workaround which most people use, by using a table.

The proper way – By using Tabs

The problem we would like to tackle is related to the layout of the document and Microsoft Word tucked away lots of features in UI, let us explore it.

In this HowTo guide, I will teach you how to align text in the center, right, and left in the same line using Microsoft Word.

Enable Ruler if it is not already enabled.

Enable Ruler

To enable ruler click on the “View” tab and check the Ruler checkbox.

Notice the Rulers have the tiny “L” like thing

“L” like thing is known as Tabs, it is locked on top left corner.

Click on tabs to set it as a Right Tab

By clicking on the tab you can change the position, we need the tab to be set as “Right tab”. It should look like mirrored “L”.

Double click on ruler to set the Tab

Set Tabs to Right

The “Tab” will act as a tab spot so everything you enter after the tab will be aligned to the right. Everything before the tab will be aligned to the left in same line.

Optional Step : Left, Center & Right alignment in same line


You can set multiple Tabs to set alignments, as it explains above on how to set multiple stop tabs.

Using this technique, you can align the center, right, and left in the same line. Please see the video below for more visual instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will try my best to help you 😊

Workaround – By using a table

Note: As the heading suggests, this is not the correct or proper way to tackle the problem, if you want the proper way read the next section which explains how to align text in the same line without using the table.

So as the title suggests, this solution uses table. Here is the step by step way.

Click on the Insert tab.

Click on the Table option.

Select two columns to be inserted.

Once a column appears insert text in each column.

Apply alignment on each column.

Following are the steps if you would like to hide the table.

  1. Click on the table, so the “Table Design” option will appear.
  2. Click on the “Borders” option
  3. Click on the “No Borders” options