Linkvertise Bypass Trick – Bypass all Linkvertise Links!

There are multiple ways to bypass Linkvertise links, the most common was just installing Universal Bypass extension. It used to be that simple!

I am not against people making money with my click, but it gets very annoying with all the pop-ups and robot captchas. That’s probably the reason that most people started using Adblock plugins.

Here is an awesome little tutorial about linkvertise skipper using tampermonkey.

How to bypass Linvertise

Download TamperMonkey


TamperMonkey is a chrome browser extension. You can either search in the chrome extension store or follow this link to download extension: Link

Make sure extension is active


Once installed, you should be able to see Tampermonkey icon on right hand corner of your browser.

Install Linkvertise Bypass script

Once you have Tampermonkey installed & ready, the next step is to install GreesyFork’s Linkvertise Bypass script on tampermonkey. You can install it using this link: Link

That’s it! Once the above three steps are done, you can now bypass linkvertise’s!

It should show you the following when you open the link. I would “Always Allow” and never be bothered by Linkvertise.

Unfortunately as of now, there is no way we can bypass linvertise on android or iPhones.

Keep an eye on the article or leave a comment to be updated as soon as we find a way.

We are still working on how to skip it on the Android/iPhone platform.